Frequently Asked Questions

What is Memphis Music Matters?

A 501 (c)(3) non-profit foundation that fosters the growth and development of Memphis Music while promoting the City’s creative culture locally, nationally and to the world.

Who is Memphis Music Matters?

Memphis Music Matters is led by a volunteer board of concerned citizens, musicians and local business owners. Thirty-year music industry veteran and former Memphis Music Commission executive director Johnnie Walker manages the day-to-day operation of the foundation. The Memphis Music Matters Executive Board is complimented by several appointed officers of the foundation who have a passionate interest in the growth and development of the creative culture of Memphis.

How do I become involved in Memphis Music Matters?

Involvement is open to anyone interested in supporting the mission and initiatives of Memphis Music Matters. Board member appointments are generally based on a variety of criteria, which includes music interests, business knowledge, creativity and commitment to serve the mission and vision as outlined by Memphis Music Matters.

What services does Memphis Music Matters provide?

Our current support services include the very popular “Memphis Music Monday” showcase series, pre-paid health care services for musicians via the Memphis Plan administered by the Church Health Center, a weekly Memphis musician based radio program, plus various music business related workshops and learning seminars.

What is the Musicians Healthcare Plan and How Do I Sign Up for it?

The Musicians Healthcare Plan provides access to healthcare services to Memphis Musicians at no cost to the musician. First, the musician must meet the criteria as set by the plan administrator, The Church Health Center. Once all the criteria have been completed, the information submitted is sent to Memphis Music Matters for approval and subsequent sign-up.

What programs does the Memphis Music Matters offer?

  • Memphis Music Monday
  • Music Business Forum
  • Fresh Trax
  • Generation Next
  • Emissaries of Memphis Music
  • Memphis Music Revealed Radio

What does Memphis Music Matters actually do for musicians?

The foundation provides various support services and resources that assist and empower musicians in reaching their creative and professional goals.

Can Memphis Music Matters help me produce or create my CD?

Memphis Music Matters is not in the business of producing and/or manufacturing CDs. We can provide information and educational resources that will help you to make informed and better decisions regarding the production of your CD.

Will Memphis Music Matters help me to promote my CD?

Memphis Music Matters does not promote any individual CD or music project. The foundation supports all Memphis Music and uses its resources, programs and services to help create a healthy promotional environment for ALL Memphis based music and musicians, regardless of genre… whether available on CD, download or other configurations.

What is Memphis Music Monday and how can I appear as a performer?

Memphis Music Monday is a music performance showcase series held at the Hard Rock Café on Beale. The showcase series began in January 2009 and continues to act as an artist development platform for local musicians while providing an environment that is suitable for “live” performances and music business networking.

To perform, simply complete the “sign-up” form located on this website, our Facebook page, or during a Memphis Music Monday event. You must also provide a sample of your music. All music must be clean and void of any explicit lyrics!

What is Fresh Trax?

A music listening session, set up in a “focus-group” like atmosphere with musicians, songwriters, performers, producers and enthusiastic music lovers. Songs are played to an interactive and discerning audience for commentary and feedback.

Can I deliver or mail my CD to Memphis Music Matters?

Yes, 395 Union Avenue, Suite 2001, Memphis 38103… Attention, Johnnie Walker. Make sure your CD has your name and contact information on it! If your CD contains more than one song, a song list would be extremely helpful.

What is the Music Business Forum?

This is a bi-monthly music business learning seminar series. Created to bring to the forefront issues with answers that singers, songwriters, musicians, businesses, etc. encounter in the day-to-day operation of their music business careers.

How can I learn about upcoming Memphis Music Matters events?

Sign up to be included on our email list, visit our Facebook page, Twitter and other Memphis Music Matters related social media sites, or just give us a call at (901) 236-8439.

Is there a fee to attend Memphis Music Matters events?

Most of our programs and events are free and open to public. However, there may be occasions whereby fundraisers are presented and an admission fee or donation will be requested.

Does Memphis Music Matters sponsor music related events presented by other organizations?

All sponsorship requests are considered by the Executive Board of Memphis Music Matters and should compliment the foundation’s existing programs or be in line with the mission of Memphis Music Matters.

How can Memphis Music Matters help me further my music career?

We can help you further your career via a variety of educational programs, experienced speakers and available networking opportunities.